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Ziva Amishai-Maisels

Hebrew University

1939      -- Nov. 4, born New York (Maxine Sylvia Maisels).
1957-61 -- Barnard College, New York City, B.A. with distinction in Art History.
1957-59 -- Supplementary studies, Jewish Theological Seminary, New York City.
1959       -- Family moved to Israel. Junior year abroad, Hebrew University and Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem.
1961-62 -- M.A. Columbia University, Department of Art History.M.A. thesis:  "Chagall -- The Jerusalem Windows," under the
supervision of Prof.  Meyer Schapiro.
1962-69 -- Assistant, Department of Art History, Hebrew Univer­sity, Jerusalem.
1962-64 -- Lecturer on Art History, Bezalel Art Academy, Jeru­salem.
1963-69 -- Phd. Program, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Barasch.
1965-66 -- Goodenday Fellow, London.
1969-70 -- Instructor, Department of Art History, Hebrew Univer­sity, Jerusalem.
1970      -- Doctorate on "Gauguin's Religious Themes" awarded Summa cum laude in June.
1970-75 -- Lecturer, Department of Art History, Hebrew Universi­ty, Jerusalem.
1972-73 -- Lecturer on Art History, Bezalel Art Academy, Jeru­salem.
1974-     -- Editorial board, Journal of Jewish Art.
1974-75 -- Committee for the Beautification of Jerusalem, Mayor's Office.
1975-84 -- Senior Lecturer (tenure), Department of Art History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1975-79 -- Chairman, Department of Art History, Hebrew Univer­sity, Jerusalem.
1976-77 -- Chairman, Committee for Art Education programs, Ministry of  Education and Culture, Jerusalem.
1976-78 -- Member, Arts Committee, Ministry of Education and Culture, Jerusalem.
1977-78 -- Chairman, Committee for the Israel Art Archives, Ministry of Education and Culture, Jerusalem.
1979-89 -- Founding member and member of the executive of the Society for Jewish Art, Jerusalem.
1979      -- Joseph Hazen Award for the best Israeli article on contemporary art.
1979-81 -- Chairman, Program committee for building the Faculty of Humanities Building on Mount Scopus.
1980-2005 -- Member of the Executive of the Center for Jewish Art, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1984-95 -- Associate Professor, Department of Art History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1988-2003 -- Chairman, Robert and Clarice Smith Center for Art History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1989      -- Visiting professor, Graduate Department, Bernard Manekin Institute for Jewish Art at the Jewish Theological Seminary and Jewish Museum, New York.
1989-96 -- Member of the Academic Committee of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, Jerusalem.
1990-92 -- Member of the Jury, Art for Public Spaces, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.
1990-93 -- Chairman, Institute of Languages, Literatures and the Arts, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1990-     -- Alice and Edward G. Winant Chair for Art History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1991-93 -- Director and organizer of workshops on The University Teaching of Jewish Art for The International Center for University Teaching of  Jewish Civilization, Jerusalem.
1993-97 -- Member, Committee on Faculty Promotions for Language Teachers.
1995-     -- Full Professor, Department of Art History, Hebrew Uni­versity, Jerusalem.
1995      -- Substitute Chairman, Department of Art History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1995-96 -- Va'ada Merakezet (Executive Committee), Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1995-96 – Academic Development Committee, Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1995-2000 -- Immigrant Absorbtion Committee, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1995-99 -- Responsible for creating a program for the between the Hebrew University and the Academyof Art, Bezalel.
1996      -- Committee for the creation of a program in Conservationand Restoration at the Hebrew University.
1997-     -- Member of the Board of Regents of the International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization,Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1997-     -- Member of the Board of the World Union of Jewish Studies
1997      -- Organizer of Jewish Art Section of the Twelfth World Congress for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.
1998-     -- Member, Committee for Promotions of Professors, The Council for Higher Education, Israel.
1999      -- Member, Israel Prize Committee for Art History.
1999-2003 -- Member, Academic Committee of the Authority for Research Students for the Humanities and Social Sciences.
2000-03 -- Editorial board of Encyclopedia of Jewish Women.
2000-03 -- Member, Academic Committee of Center of Austrian Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
2000-03 -- Chair, Department of Art History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
2001-03 -- Alternate member of the Executive Committee (Va’ad Hapoel) of the  Hebrew University of  Jerusalem.
2001-           -- Member of the Promotions Committee for the Arts, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2001      -- Organizer of Jewish Art Section of the Thirteenth World Congress for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.
2002-     -- Member, Executive Committee for Promotion of Professors in Institutes of Higher Education, Council forHigher Education, Israel.
2002-           -- Head of the MFA program on the part of the Hebrew University in the joint MFA program with the Bezalel Academy of Art.
2003-     -- Head of the Academic Committee, Robert and Clarice Smith Center for Art History, Hebrew University,Jerusalem.
2004      -- Israel Prize for Art History.
2005      -- Organizer of Jewish Art Section of the Fourteenth World Congress for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.
Oct. 2005 - Head of the Institute for the General Humanities, Hebrew University.

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