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IAJS Grads Research Student Workshops

The first IAJS Grads Research Student workshop, held at Tel Aviv University on January 27th, 2013. The workshop was an opportunity for research students to meet graduate students and lecturers from other universities. The first part of the workshop was dedicated to a methodological panel in which three students presented their research.Each presentation was followed by a discussion that took the shape of a multi-participant brainstorming in which both students and lecturers took part. In the second part of the evening Prof. Zvika Serper explained how to publish articles in academic journals. for more information

The 2nd workshop in 2013 was held at in Haifa University at 23.6.13. It focused on the art of presentation in international conferences, therefore the speakers were asked to present their research in English and the discussion surrounded these cabilities. The workshop had two parts, in the first two MA students presented their work, and in the second, in accordance with the workshop’s theme, our guest speaker, Professor Christopher Pokarier from Waseda University shared his vast experience with the students on how to give an academic lecture to international audience.

The 3rd workshop by IAJS Grads: Planning and Conducting Field Research in Japan took place in The Hebrew University at 19.1.14. A panel of speakers: Prof. Ben-Ami Shillony, Dr. Irit Averbuch, Dr. Nissim Otmazgin and Dr. Eti Gisis shared their experience in conducting field research in Japan. They discussed the ways to prepare for field research in Japan, the expected difficulties and the methods to deal with them.
On the celebratory event of this workshop, it was announced that IAJS Grads will launch by March 2013 a new international academic journal: “Innovative Research in Japanese Studies”, that will publish papers by research students in the Japan Studies field. The first volume of the journal will be out towards the year end. Through the event we enjoyed a relaxed and warm atmosphere, and we hope that the forming relations between graduates and lecturers specializing in Japan studies in the various universities will open new and exciting opportunities to all. 

The 4th Methodology Workshop took place in Tel Aviv University at June 23, 2014. It was focused on chooseng a reserch topic and was in the format of thematic mentoring. The mentoring was done by leading Japan scholars and was in the format of small topic orianted workgroups, which allow for intimate and mutual brainstorming.

The 5th Methodology Workshop was held in Haifa University on February 01, 2015 and was focused on writing a research proposal. The second part was an open and informal discussion where the participant was invited to share their work.


The 6th Methodology Workshop will be held on May 11 ,2015 at the Hebrew University. Our guset speaker will be Prof. Otsuka. The second part will be a open discussion. for more information click here



IAJS Grads hopes to broaden its activities beyond the bi-annual meetings and keep open communication through its forum and Facebook group. The forum and the group were created to serve as a forum for consultation in research subjects, from theoretical discussions to methodological queries including assistance in location various research materials.

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