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Ury Eppstein

Hebrew University

Born 3 February 1925, Saabrücken, Germany.
Israeli Musicologist. M. Kikue lguchi, 2 sons.

1949- MA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
 1956- Diploma in Japanese Language, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
1963- Diploma in Japanese Music, Tokyo University of Japanese Arts and Music
1984- PhD, Tel Aviv University
1966-1972 – Academic Assistant, Music Research Center, Hebrew University
1972-1977 – Lecturer, Musicology and Theater Departments, Tel Aviv University
1972-persent – Lecturer, Musicology, Theater, East Asian St, Hebrew University
1986- Guest Lecturer, Copenhagen University, East Asian Institute and Musicology Department, Lund University
1997- Guest Lecturer, Dokkyou University, Japan, Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music
2009- Guest Professor, Vienna University

1933- Kanjichou, translation of Kabuki play from Japanese
1944- The Beginning of Western Music in Meiji Era Japan
1996- Musical Means to Political Ends- Japanese School Songs in Manchuria
1998- Governmental Policy and Controversy – The Beginning of Western Music in Japan
2004- Changing Western Attitudes to Japanese Music in: Collected Articles and Essays in Honour of His Imperial Highness Prince Micasa on the Occasion of His 88th Birthday
2007- School Songs, the (Russo-Japanese) War and Nationalist Introduction
2007- From Torture to Fascination – Changing Western Attitudes to Japanese Music

1989- Order of the Rising Sun conferred by the Emperor of Japan
1996- Israel Ministry of Education and Culture Prize for translation of Kabuki drama from Japanese

European Association for Japanese Studies, Israel Musicological Society
International Council for Traditional Music

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