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Pre-workshop events

23 May, Thursday

Special seminar
Mandel School for Advanced Studies, Mt. Scopus
Rabin building, room 3001 
14:00 – 15:30
Chair: Architect Arie Kutz, Japan-Israel Friendship Association
Yukio Lippit, Harvard University
The Metabolism of Japanese Architecture

26 May, Sunday

Special seminar
Mandel School for Advanced Studies, Mt. Scopus
Rabin building, room 3001 
14:00 – 15:30
Chair: Ziva Amishai-Maisels, Hebrew University
Yukio Lippit, Harvard University
 "Oily Painting": The Japanese inflection to this question through the history of the reception of oil painting in Japan


27 May, Monday

Special Viewing at the Israel Museum (for workshop participants)
Miriam Mal'achi, Associate curator

15:30 Refreshments and registration

16:00 Conference Opening, Rabin Building

Chair: Ben Ami Shillony, Hebrew University
Reuven Amitai, Dean of the Humanities, Hebrew University
In the presence of his excellency the ambassador of Japan to Israel Mr. Hideo Sato
16:30 – 18:00
Keynote speech: Joshua Mostow, University of  British Columbia
The Establishment of the Saga-bon Iconography to The Ise Tales and Its Significance

open to the public
18:00 – 20:00
Reception at Rabin Building (by invitation)

28 May, Tuesday

Aba Eben Hall, Truman Institute

 08:00 – 09:00
Refreshments and registration, Aba Eben Hall, Truman Institute
Opening Remarks and Introduction

   Michal Daliot-Bul, University of Haifa and the Israeli Association for Japanese Studies (IAJS)

In the presence of Mr. Eiichi Sone, the Europe, Middle East and Africa Section, Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Dept. The Japan Foundation


9:00- 11:00
Panel I - Ehon – Illustrated Books and Prints 

Chair: Etty Gissis


Suzuki Jun, National Institute for Japanese Literature
Evgeny Steiner, National Research University, School of Asian Studies, Moscow

Panel II – Ritual display

Chair: Ben Ami Shillony, Hebrew University
Yukio Lippit, Harvard University 
Yuki Morishima, University of Pittsburgh
Galit Aviman, Ben Gurion University and the Hebrew University


Panel III – Decoding the Production of Folding Screens

 Chair: Gideon Shelach, Hebrew University 

Matthew McKelway, Columbia University 
Kazuko Kameda-Madar, Hawaii Pacific University
Shalmit Bejarano, Hebrew University

Panel IV – 
Continuity and Change in late Edo-period Woodblock-prints

Chair: Kinneret Noy, Hebrew University

Susanne Formaneck, Vienne University
Sepp Linhart, Vienne University


29 May, Wednesday


Aba Eben Hall, Truman Institute

7:30 - Refreshments and registration

Panel V –Evaluating Iconographical Changes

Chair: Christopher Pokarier, Waseda University
Sherry Fowler, Kansas University
Naoko Gunji, Augustana college

Reception of Heike Pictures in Early Modern Japan


Panel VI -Rethinking Famous Places and Spatial Arrangements

Chair: Yagi Moris, SOAS
Ryoko Matsuba, Nanzen University 
Monika Dix, Saginaw Valley State University
Irit Averbuch, Tel Aviv University


Panel VII – Constructing Identities 

Chair: Ory Bartal, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
Rosina Buckland, National Museum of Scotland



Concluding Panel

Chair: Etty Gissis
Joshua Mostow, University of British Columbia
Ayelet Zohar, Tel Aviv University

 30 May, Thursday

Special Viewing at the Tikotin Museum, Haifa (for workshop participants)
Ilana Singer, Chief Curator

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