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Rotem Kowner

Haifa University

Rotem Kowner is Professor of Japanese history and culture at the University of Haifa, Israel. He specializes in Japanese modern history and race issues in the nexus between Europe and East Asia since the early modern period. His works include the forthcoming monograph Before They Turned Yellow: The Rise of the European Idea of Race and Japan, 1300-1735, the co-edited volume Race and Racism in Modern East Asia (2012) as well as numerous articles, among them “The skin as a metaphor: Early European racial perspectives on Japan, 1548-1853.” Ethnohistory 51 (2004): 751-778; and “Lighter than yellow, but not enough: Western discourse on the Japanese ‘race’, 1854-1904.” The Historical Journal 43 (2000): 103-131.

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