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Kadoya Atsushi


The role of "Sendai-Kujihongi" in case of systematizing and theorization

of the Middle Age Shinto.





" Sendai-Kujihongi " being in the status which is equal to the "Kojiki "

and "Nihon-shoki" as the oldest Japanese history until the modern time

beginning. In addition to it, when the time Shinto in the Middle Ages

intended a theorization and systematizing, it was specifically thought

as the theoretical basis .

I want to attempt to think about the role and the meaning which "Sendai-

Kujihongi" accomplished.


In the Shinto theory in the Middle Ages, 天讓日天狹霧國禪月國狹霧尊 ( あ

めゆずるひあまのさぎりくにゆずるつきくにさぎりのみこと ) is put on the

heaven Messrs. which is integrate 天御中主神 and 国常立尊, each of them

are the first deity of " Kojiki " and " Nihon-shoki" into one system.

 天讓日天狹霧國禪月國狹霧尊 is appeared in "Sendai-Kujihongi" as the

first deity. There is a suggestion which constructs the pantheon of the

deities in the Middle Ages in " Sendai-Kujihongi ".








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