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IAJS Grads at a Glance
IAJS Grads is a network of research students supported by IAJS, the Israeli Association for Japanese Studies. IAJS Grads network members include students in various research institutions in Israel and around the world.  The network activities are initiated by the students for the students, with the supervision and support of leading scholars in the field of Japanese Studies in Israel. Among the scholars who take an active role in IAJS Grads are members of the IAJS Academic Council, Dr. Miki (Michal) Daliot-Bul, Prof. Jacob Raz and Prof. Ehud Harari.  Additional scholars include members of the IAJS Board of Directors, Dr. Nissim OtmazginDr. Raquel Shaoul and Dr. Irit Averbuch, as well as other faculty members from the academic institutions in Israel.

IAJS Grads provides a network platform of students for students. Our mission is to respond to vital needs in the field, and to promote research domains that are not addressed by existing academic frameworks. We offer a forum for debating thematic topics, assistance in locating bibliographical sources, assistance with academic connections, informal council on studying abroad, and more.  Furthermore, with the support of IAJS, in each academic year members of IAJS Grads will initiate activities designed to provide students with practical support and council for the promotion of academic research and academic careers. 

IAJS Grads Activities
Scheduled Activities for 2014:

IAJS Grads Bi-Annual Workshop offers an informal setting allowing research students from different institutions to get to know one other, and provides a platform for debating professional topics. In addition, these workshops will offer practical guidance in complementary topics such as presentation in conferences, how to get published, and how to plan an academic career. 
During the initial phase, the workshops will rotate among the three universities that presently host a Department of Asian Studies: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, and The University of Haifa. In due course, the workshops will take place in other universities and colleges where a department of Asian Studies will be established.

Past Worskshops:
The first workshop for 2013 took place on January 27th at Tel Aviv University. During the first half of the workshop honorary students presented their work in progress. In the second half of the workshop, Prof. Zvika Serper shared with the students some of his vast experience on how to get published in academic venues.

The second workshop in 2013 was held in Haifa University at June 23rd. During the first half of the workshop honorary students presented their work in progress. In the second half of the workshop, Prof. Christopher Pokarier, from Waseda University had spoken about effective presentations in conferences.

The third workshop and first for 2014 Planning and Conducting Field Research in Japan was held on January 19th at The Hebrew University. Prof. Ben-Ami Shillony, Dr. Irit Averbuch, Dr. Nissim Otmazgin and Dr. Eti Gisis shared their experience in conducting field research in Japan.

IAJS Grads 4th Methodology Workshop was held on June 22, 2014 at Tel Aviv University.

The 5th workshop was held on February 01, 2015 at Haifa University and was focused on writing a research proposal. The second part will be a open and informal discussion where the participant will be invited to share their work.

The 6th workshop will take place at the Hebrew University on Monday, May 11, 2015. for more information click here

Journal of Japanese Studies "Innovative Research in Japanese Studies" in March 2013 IAJS Grads launched its international journal of Japanese Studies. The mission of this journal is to offer a platform for outstanding papers by students of Japanese Studies from all over the world. All submissions will go through a review process by external readers. The first volume of the journal will be published online in February 2014.

IAJS Grads Forum This is a forum by students for students, designed to offer a space for consultation, debates, assistance with locating information and more. Members of the IAJS academic council and of the IAJS board of directors are active participants in the forum and will be happy to contribute to the discussions.  Join the Forum now.
If you are an Israeli research student (MA or PhD) actively involved in academic research about Japan, and are interested in being part of IAJS Grads activities, please join IAJS Grads network today!

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