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  • IAJS Grads launched Innovative Research in Japanese Studies (IRJS) Journal:
    IRJS aims to become a pioneering international journal showcasing outstanding papers on Japan written by graduate students; it is one of the few publications in existence with such a mission.
    IRJS accepts original articles from all academic disciplines pertaining to Japan, including but not limited to politics, international relations, economics, history, literature, cultural studies, anthropology and the arts.


  • IAJS Grads 6th Methodology Workshop -We are happy to invite you to the 6th IAJS Grads research workshop. The  workshop will be held on May 11 ,2015 at the Hebrew University. Our guset speaker will be Prof. Otsuka. The second part will be a open discussion. for more information click here
  • IAJS Grads first methodological workshop was held on January 27th at Tel Aviv University.
  • IAJS Grads second methodology workshop was held on June 23rd at Haifa University.
  • IAJS Grads third methodology workshop was held on January 19th at The Hebrew University.
  • IAJS Grads 4th Methodology Workshop - was  held on June 22, 2014 at Tel Aviv University.
  • IAJS Grads 5th methodological workshop was held on Febroary 1st, 2015 at Haifa University.

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