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Galia Patt-Shamir is an Associate Professor in Chinese philosophy and Comparative Philosophy and Religion in Tel-Aviv University, in the departments of East-Asian Studies and of Philosophy. She earned her Ph.D degree in the Study of Religion in 1997. 

from Harvard.

Her research focuses on dialogue and self realization in Confucian philosophy; on Neo-Confucian philosophy of death and preparing to death; and on "living a riddle" in Daoism. 

She wrote a book on human nature in Chinese philosophies and religions (Hebrew, 2004). Her book To Broaden the Way - A Confucian - Jewish Dialogue (2006) focuses on the themes of ultimate, social life, and individual pursuit, as dealt with in both traditions, through religious texts, philosophical methodologies, and literary sources. She published articles on Daoism, Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism and on religious practice and theory, in various journals including Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature, Journal of Ecumenical Studies, Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, Comparative and Continental Philosophy.



Contact information:

Galia Patt-Shamir

Department of East-Asian Studies

Faculty of the humanities

Tel-Aviv University

Tel-Aviv, Israel 69978


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