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Etty Gisses

Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Dr. Etty Glass Gissis received her PhD at the Department of Art History, Gakushuin University in Tokyo.  
Etty specializes in the field of traditional Japanese art especially ukiyo-e prints. Her PhD research focused on mirror representations in ukiyo-e prints. As part of her MA and  PhD studies, Etty gained unmediated knowledge of Western and Asian Museology.
She received her MA in Asian Studies at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. This research examined the links between calligraphy and Edo-moji.
Her working experiences include the Tikotin Museum  of Japanese Art and the Israel Museum, where she was employed as an Assistant Curator.  Her curatorial projects includes: Japanese Pleasures: Actors and Courtesans in Woodcuts from The  Pins Collection, with leaflet; and Focus on the Collection: The Enlightened One: Buddhist Art in the Israel  Museum, with catalogue. Etty is a lecturer at the Education Department of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

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