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 Passages: Continuity and Change in Edo Arts
 Keynote speaker: Prof. Joshua Mostow, University of British Columbia

The workshop "Passages" brings together scholars from around the world, whose work contributed to new modes of interpretation, contextualization, and understanding of Japanese arts. The keynote speaker, Joshua Mostow of the University of British Columbia, is a leading scholar of Japanese classical poetry and its visual interpretations throughout history. Other panels also concentrate on the role of literary, religious, and scholarly texts as means for interpreting the changing iconography of paintings and illustrated books. These include scholars from leading institutions from Japan, USA, Austria, England, Russia, and the Netherlands. The workshop will be held in cooperation with the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Arts (Haifa), and the Israel Museum (Jerusalem).

The purpose of this workshop is to identify, analyze, and examine transmissions and passages, as broadly construed, within Edo-period visual images in all forms of visual media, through the consideration of how they were shaped by, and in turn did shape, a particular context of time and place. The concept of passage can be used in both synchronic and diachronic analysis, in terms of historical and geographical passages, or passages as a mode of deciphering the image.

The themes that will be discussed in the workshop include messages conveyed by continuity and discontinuity; contextualization of iconographies within political, social, cultural, and geographic changes; transmissions of media; concepts of passage imbedded in the process of interpretation. 

Language of the workshop: English and Japanese

Place: The Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus campus. Jerusalem

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