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Tsipy Ivry is a medical anthropologist and a senior lecturer at the Department of Anthropology (in the making) at the University of Haifa. Her educational background includes studies at the Hebrew university and Tokyo University

Her research projects combine ethnographic methods with a comparative
perspective to understand the inter-relations of reproductive technologies, culture and politics, and their implications for personal experiences of pregnancy and parenting in diverse socio-cultural and political settings in Japan and Israel.

In 2010 she published a double ethnography entitled “Embodying Culture: Pregnancy in Japan and Israel”. Her book is a comparative ethnographic exploration of Japanese and Israeli ob-gyns, their biomedical cultures, and the pregnancy experiences of Japanese and Israeli women. The study illuminates the divergent ways in which pregnancy is being medicalized in two non-western post-industrial democracies 2005, Ivry has engaged in research of reproductive medicine in deeply 
religious Jewish communities in Israel focusing on the entrepreneurial activities of rabbinic authorities as mediators of infertility treatments and as moral pioneers in post-diagnostic decisions of pregnancy termination. Research has been supported by a generous ISF grant. Publications on the project include “"Kosher Medicine and Medicalized Halacha; An Exploration of Triadic Relations among Israeli Rabbis, Doctors and infertility Patients." American Ethnologist, The Predicaments of Koshering Prenatal Diagnosis" Ethnologie Francaise".
Ivry’s current project, supported by a generous ISF grant, explores reproduction in the aftermath of the March 11, 2011 disasters, focusing on the inculcation of a new genomic test into Japanese prenatal care

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