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About The IAJS Grads Team

IAJS Grads is a network of research students supported by IAJS, the Israeli Association for Japanese Studies. IAJS Grads network members study in various research institutions in Israel and around the world.  The network's activities are initiated by IAJS Grads staff for the IAJS Grads network members, with the supervision of leading scholars in the field of Japanese Studies in Israel.

IAJS Academic Council and Supervisors

Dr. Nissim Otmazgin,  The Hebrew University, Department of Asian Studies, Political Science
Dr. Michal Daliot-Bul, University of Haifa, Department of Asian Studies, Cultural Studies
Prof. Jacob Raz, Tel Aviv University, Department of East Asian Studies, Buddhism
Prof. Ehud Harari, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

 IAJS Grads Staff

Active IAJS Grads Staff

Yiftach Raphael Govreen, Hebrew University
PhD candidate at the departments of International Relations and East Asian Studies in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.Under-graduated at the same university in East Asian Studies. His M.A degree is from the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. His research and interests include the U.S.-Japan security relations, as well as Okinawa history and culture.

Einat Cohen, University of Haifa
PhD candidate in the Department of Asian studies of Haifa University. M.A with honors from the same university, Asian studies, Japan Major and Master degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) from the Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. B.Sc in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her research interests include mobile gaming in Asia and Hi-tech entrepreneurship in Japan.

Yulia (Jules) Kushnir, Tel-Aviv University
M.A student in The Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University. Holds a Bachelor Degree summa cum laude from The Department of East Asian Studies of Tel Aviv University. Her research field is Japanese Anthropology with emphasis on couplehood and feminine perceptions of Japanese women in general and Japanese women who live outside of Japan in particular.

Past IAJS Grads Staff

Naama Eisenstein, Tel-Aviv University
M.A student in the department of East Asian studies at Tel Aviv University. Her research field is Japanese art, in particular painting within its historic-religious relations. She lived in Japan for two years by the support of the Japanese Ministry of Education scholarship and was attached to the Art History department in the University of Tokyo.

Ehud Inbal, Tsukuba University
Holds a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and East Asian Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Has a Masters' Degree in East Asian Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and currently is a member of the International Area Studies program at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, under the MEXT Scholarship.  My research topic is Japan's Regional Security Policy.


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