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Abe Yasurō is a professor of Japanese literature and the head of the Research Center of Cultural Heritage and Texts (CHT) at Nagoya University. Abe researches Medieval Japanese religious culture from the standpoint of literature, and his methodology is primarily philological. Drawing upon multiple fields, such as literature, history, art and religious thought, Abe explores medieval narrative, tales, history of temples and shrines, auguries, traditional drama and the performing arts by analyzing religious documents and materials housed at Buddhist monasteries. He is currently researching Shinpukuji Temple (Osu, Nagoya), Ninnaji Temple and Kajuji Temple (Kyoto) in an attempt to reconstruct the medieval Japanese vision of the world. His recent publication Chūsei Nihon no shūkyō tekusuto taikei (2013) is a study of the systemization of religious texts in Medieval Japan.

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