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—————————————————  Dr. Michal Daliot-Bul  ——————————————————

Michal (Miki) Daliot-Bul, Ph.D 



The University of Haifa

Department of Asian Studies

Head of the Japanese Studies Section


The Israeli Association of Japanese Studies

Chair of the Academic Committee

Research Areas & More

My interdisciplinary research focuses on Japanese late-modernity. I look into the criss-crossing of everyday life, late consumer culture practices, old and new forms of media, as well as complex and disjunctive economic, cultural and political intra- and intercultural flows. Keeping the crucial importance of historical reflection at the forefront of my research and teaching, I explore processes of socio-cultural transformations, the crisis in the modernist cultural planning project, the production of cultural imageries, as well as emerging identities and trends.
My research projects include an inquiry into the deep cultural meanings of play, various aspects of the production and globalization of popular culture, the production of the Cool Japan imagery, and the production of the Japanese mobile playscape. Recently I began a new research project that focuses on the commercial and creative relations between the American animation industry and the Japanese anime industry.

So far, I have translated three novels from Japanese to Hebrew. Among these novels I am particularly proud of my translation of Fumiko Enchi's novel onnamen (Women Masks) (1966). Translating is an incredibly rewarding intellectual and emotional journey.

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