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—————————————————  Dr. Irit Averbuch  ——————————————————

Dr. Irit Averbuch is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of East Asian Studies, Tel-Aviv University.


Irit Averbuch was born in Tel-Aviv in 1952, Graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1976 (Assyriology and Japanese Studies), continued toward MA studies in the Department of Comparative Religion in the Hebrew University, and completed the Masters degree (MTS) in Harvard Divinity School in 1980.  She received her Ph.D. in the Study of Religion from Harvard University GSAS in 1989.  Her doctoral thesis analyzed the ritual meaning and impact of sacred dances of the Take School of Hayachine Kagura.  As part of her research she performed several kagura dances with her master group Ishihatooka Kagura.  


Her general fields of interest continue to dwell on Japanese religious praxis, especially on the so-called Japanese folk religious culture: religious rituals, the folk performing arts, and their contemporary survival.  For her recent research on kagura poem-songs she conducts fieldwork in various kagura schools and performances around Japan. 


Dr. Averbuch is the author of  The Gods Come Dancing:  A Study of the Japanese Ritual Dance of Yamabushi Kagura  (Cornell East-Asia Series, 1995).  She has also published articles in leading academic journals in her field, including Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Asian Folklore Studies and Journal of Ritual Studies, and several book chapters. 

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