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Japanese Studies at Tel-Aviv University 

Academic Activities

Teaching about Japan at Tel-Aviv University:

Prof. Jacob Raz  (Japanese Culture: Literature, Poetry, Aesthetics, Cultural Anthropology; Buddhism and Psychology, Zen Buddhism (Chinese and Japanese)

Prof. Tzvika Serper (Japanese Theater, Traditional and Modern; Japanese Cinema; Employing Traditional Japanese Techniques in Contemporary Theater)

Dr. Irit Averbuch (Japanese Religions and Culture: History, Folk Religion, Folk Performing Arts; The Study of Religion)

Dr. Ofra Goldstein-Giddoni (Japanese Anthropology: Culture and Society in Modern Japan; Gender and Women in Japan)

Dr. Raquel Shaoul (Japan’s International Relations; Japan’s Foreign Policy; Japan’s Energy Policy and Middle-East relations; Japan’s Security Policy and US relations.)

Courses by adjunct Faculty:

Prof. Meron Medzini (Japan During WW2; Japan’s Foreign Policy)

Prof. Andrew Plax (Classical and Modern Japanese Literature)

Architect Arie Kutz (Architecture, Visual Culture and Aesthetics in Japan & East Asia)

Dr. Ayala Klemperer (Gender Studies and Japan, Japanese History)

Dr. Shunit Shachal-Porat  (Modern Japanese Literature, Manga and Anime.)

Dr. Liora Tsarfati (Anthropology in Japan and Korea; Religion and Shamanism; Cultural Representations in Digital Media)

Dr. Shalmit Bejerano (Japanese Art History; Edo Culture)

Dr. Dalit Bloch-Tsemach (Society and Culture in Modern Japan from an Anthropological Perspective; Japan in Western Eyes; Male-Female Relations in Contemporary Japan).

Mr. Alon Mark (Zen and Japanese Marital Arts)

Language Courses:  Dr. Levi-Yamamori Mika, Ms. Nikki Littman, Ms. Masako Moskovitch

Workshop for Japanese Language Teaching Method

Delivered by Mr. Goro Sato, Japanese Language Education Adviser from Japan Foundation Cairo Office on June 7th 2010, with the participation of teachers from various Universities (Hebrew, Haifa, Open, Bar-Ilan and Tel Aviv university).


The 8th Annual Conference of Asian Studies in Israel

This conference was held at Tel-Aviv University on June 3-4, 2009.  It included about 20 panels on Japan, China, India Central Asia and Korea.  24 of the papers focused on Japan, including the Keynote Address by Prof. Jennifer Robertson (University of Michigan).  There were 6 participants from Japanese, European and American Universities.  


The 11th Annual Conference of Asian Studies in Israel

This conference is to be held in Tel-Aviv University on May 22-23, 2012.  It will include 28 panels on Japan, China, Buddhism, India, Central Asia and Korea.  24 of the papers to be presented are about Japan.  This time there will be 8 participants from Japanese, European and American Universities.  It can be visited at


Graduate Student Conference

This conference is to be held on June 4, 2012, following the Annual Conference of Asian Studies.  Participants will include graduate students of both Master and Doctoral levels, from Israel and abroad (Program forthcoming)



Conference on East Asia Energy Security: Strategies, Politics and the Middle East

This conference was held on May 5, 2011 at Tel-Aviv University.  It included participants from Japan and China, and issues of energy use, renewal and strategic relations of Japan and China with the Middle East.


Symposiums about the 2011 Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster

A mini-symposium about the 3/11 disaster was incorporated into “Japan Evening” of June 5, 2011 (see below)

A Symposium Commemorating One Year to the 3/11 Disaster

The symposium was held on 29.3.2012 in Tel-Aviv University, in the presence of Counselor Mitsuhiko Shinomiya of the Embassy of Japan.  Among the participants in the symposium was H.E. Mr. Nisshim Ben-Shitrit, the Israeli Ambassador in Japan, who talked about the Israeli relief efforts.  Members of the trauma and relief efforts, and eyewitnesses, also contributed their personal experiences.  Members of our Department contributed further observations.



Recent lectures given by foreign scholars/Guest:

Prof. Jennifer Robertson gave a lecture entitled “Gendering Robots: The Shape(liness) of Embodied Intelligence.”


Prof. Takeishi Reiji (Tokyo International University), “East Asian Energy situation – Present and Future”.


Dr. Oshima Kimie (Bunkyo Gakuin University), “Rakugo, Japanese Traditional Performing Art - Culture and History behind Stories”.


H.E. Mr. Takeuchi Hirohisa, Ambassador of Japan to Israel: “Japan’s Contemporary Diplomacy”. 


Scholarships and Exchange Programs:

Monkasho Scholarship: Every year, Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences awards scholarships to about 7 Israeli students to pursue post-undergraduate studies or research in Japan.


Kyoto University Student Exchange Program: As part of an exchange program between the two universities, students spend a year of study in Kyoto University.


Waseda University Student Exchange Program (Tokyo): A student exchange program exists between Tel-Aviv University and Waseda University.



Japanese Book Collection:

Sourasky Central Library in Tel-Aviv University holds a collection of Japanese books, thanks to the generosity of the Japanese Embassy in Israel, and with the help of the Japan Foundation and the Nippon Foundation.  The collection includes major dictionaries and series about History, Literature and Religion.


Social and Cultural Activities

Sujoruri - Traditional Japanese Music Performances in Israel

Bunraku performance, " Miracle at Tsubosaka Temple”, was given by two leading theater artists, TOYOTAKE Rosetayu (Narrator / singer) and TOYOZAWA Tomisuke – Shamisen player.


Erev Japan

Every year, our Japanese language students organize and present an evening event that includes performances, dances and songs in Japanese. ‘Erev Japan’ (‘Japan Evening’) is devoted to demonstrations of calligraphy, sushi workshops, Haiku competitions, original plays and other attractions.


Japanese Cinema Club

Once in two week, our students gather and screen Japanese movies and discuss the film.

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