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Japanese Studies at Haifa University 


Established in 2002, the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Haifa is the only department of Asian Studies in Israel that focuses on modern Asia.


Academic Activities


Prof. Rotem Kowner (History, Psychology)

Dr. Guy Podoler (Modern History)

Dr. Michal (Miki) Daliot-Bul (Cultural Studies)

Dr. Tsipi Ivry (Anthropology)

Dr. Meron Medzini (History)

Dr. Kinneret Noy, (Theater)

Dr. Ayelet Zohar (Art History, Visual culture Studies, Cultural Studies)

Dr. Ilana Singer (Art history)

Dr. Roni Sarig (Literature)

Mrs.  Vered Ben-Sade (Law)

Mrs. Avital Baikovich (Labor Studies)


Special guest lecturer 2012

Dr. Yoshimi Miyake (Socio-Linguistic, Anthropology), Akita University


Language Courses

Mrs. Sigal Schneider, Mrs. Rika Takaki-Eini, Mrs. Suzy De-Lowe


Data regarding students

  • Number of students taking Japanese language courses 75
  • Number of Students enrolled as students in the Japanese Studies section of the Department of Asian Studies 90
  • Number of external students who are taking occasional courses on Japan 70
  • Number of students enrolled in occasional courses on Japan that are given by departments other than the Department of Asian Studies (2010-2012) 40
  • Number of students studying in Japan in academic exchange programs with scholarships (2011-2012) 5 [projection for 2012-2013: 7 students not including the candidates for the upcoming Monkasho scholarship 2012]


Conferences (Late 2010-2012):

The 9th Annual Conference of Asian Studies in Israel

This conference was held at the University of Haifa on April 2010. The conference was the first Annual Conference of Asian Studies in Israel to officially invite overseas participants.


International workshop on Race and Racism in Modern East Asia: Western Constructions and Eastern Reactions (with focus on Japan). The Bundeswehr University of Munich in cooperation with the University of Haifa. (November 8-10, 2010)


International Conference on Indonesian Jews during the Japanese Occupation and the End of Dutch Colonialism (December 26-27, 2010)


The Other Within: Representations of Minorities, Multi-Culturalism and Trans-Culturalism in Japan (March 21st, 2011)


International conference on Constructions of Race and Racism in East Asia: East-West Perspectives (with a focus on Japan). The Bundeswehr University of Munich in cooperation with the University of Haifa (September 12-14, 2012).


From Israel to Korea and Japan: Sport, Society and Politics in Asia (January 9th, 2012)


Butoh and Japanese Avantgarde: An Israeli Perspective (May 14th, 2012)



Our library collection holds over 9,000 books on Japan in Western languages with a particular focus on books published in the past 30 years.  In addition, the library holds a collection of over 2000 books in Japanese. Our library also holds an audio-visual collection of about 500 Videos and DVDs.


Japan Forum (Late 2010-2012):

The Japan Forum is a workshop that focuses on Japanese society, culture, politics and beyond since 2008.

Prof. Joy Gelb, "Women and Work in Japan: Obstacles to Progress" (May 6th, 2010)

Dr. Tsipi Ivry, "Pregnancy in Japan and in Israel: A comparative Study" (May 27th, 2010)

Dr. Eran Harel, "Business in Japan: Past, Present and Future" (November 29th, 2010)

Dr. Mina Nusboim, "Business Opportunities in Japan" (January 10th, 2011)

"Japan is Shaking: A special Event in View of the Tragic Events in Japan" (March 17th, 2011)

Mrs. Neta Kalmanson, "How to Build a Career in the Japanese-Israeli Business World" (May 30th, 2011)

Dr. Erez Gollani, "Japan is Shaking: A Retrospective View" (January 12th, 2012)

Dr. Shion Kono, "On the impact of Azuma Hiroki's Otaku: Japan's Database Animals" (tentative title) (May 28th, 2012)


Departmental Colloquium on Japan (Late 2010-2012):

Dr. Ayelet Zohar, "The Art of War: Requiem to the 20th Century Series by Morimura Yasymasa and the debate on Documentary and artistic photography" (December 12th, 2010)

Dr. Yoshimi Miyake, "Japanese Comedies" (January 1st, 2011)

Dr. Shalmit Bejerano, "Illustrated Books in 18th century Japan" (April 11th, 2012)

Ms. Masako Toda, "Exhibiting Family: Displaying Death: Funerary Images in Japan" (May 23rd, 2012)

Ms. Oshrat Dotan, "Suga Kishio and the Japanese 1960s Monoha School" (January 2nd, 2012)

Dr. Ofra Goldstein-Gidoni, "Housewives and Salariman in Postbubble Japan: Has the Corporate Gender Contract really changed?  (May 14th, 2012)


Scholarships and Academic Exchange Programs Available for our Students

1. Monkasho Scholarship

2. Students and Academic Exchange Program with Waseda University [2 students per year]

3. Students and Academic Exchange Program with Akita University [1-2 students per year]

4. Students and Academic Exchange Program with Doshisha University [1 student per year]


Cultural Exchange Programs

Kakogawa Cultural Exchange Program: Every year the department chooses one outstanding student who is invited for a three-week cultural exchange program by the Kakogawa Baptist Church community.

By way of reciprocity, each year our students host a delegation from the Kakogawa Baptist Church community.


Social and Cultural Activities

Japan Evening

Every year the department of Asian Studies together with the students' representatives committee, organize a special Japan Evening, with Japanese cultural activities, films and food.

In the past two years the event was produced with the collaboration and support of the Kakogawa Baptist church community and various martial arts schools.

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Israel and Japan political relations, our Japan Evening of 2012 was held at Tikotin museum, and included complementary tours of the museum.



  • A Window to the East: Gallery of Asian Culture at the University of Haifa. Most recent exhibitions on Japan include:
          Harajuku Girls by Liat Hadar

          Six Characters who find an Author by Ayelet Zohar

  • Faculties and students of our department collaborate closely with Tikotin Museum for Japanese Art and with Wilfrid Israel Museum for Eastern Art and Knowledge.


Hosting Programs

Our students host regularly visiting students and delegations of students from Akita University, Keio University, Waseda University and Doshisha University.


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