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Japanese Studies at Bar-Ilan University 

Academic Activities

Teaching about Japan at the Bar-Ilan

Dr. Roni Sarig adjunct professor, (Japan’s Traditional History, Noh and Kabuki theaters)

Ms. Adv Wered Ben-Sadae PhD Candidate (Introduction to Japanese Law)

Language Courses: Ms. Miho Kataoka.

Number of students: 1) majoring in Japanese Studies (BA) 50

 2) Taking courses about Japan (including language) 30

Department seminar

Japanese Ambassador Seminar talk 2010 at Bar-Ilan University.

Prof. Ben Ami Shillony (Hebrew University) 2012, Prof. Shillony spoke about the Japan, the Jews and Japan.

Mr. Yoram Polizer (IsraAid) 2012 gave a talk on the assistance of IsraAid to the Japanese who face the Post-Trauma of the Tzunami


Academic Activities

Joint conference with the University of Tokyo "Monotheism in Asia": an International Conference to be Held August 30-31, 2010 at the University of Tokyo. This conference was held thanks to a special donation from the Dr. Naim Dangoor.

 Social and Cultural Activities

Calligraphy Workshop

For the past two years, Professor Usuda Taigen, one of Japan's most renowned calligraphers, has arrived to the Bar-Ilan University accompanied by 4 of his aids to lead a five-day calligraphy workshop for our students. All the materials are sent from Japan at his expense. In 2010, 30 students participated, in 2011, this number reached 35 participants.

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