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—————————————————  Dr. Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti  ——————————————————

Dr. Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti is a Senior Lecturer at Beit Berl College where she heads the Beit Berl Center for Educational and Social Research. She also teaches at the Department of East Asian Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Ben-Rafael Galanti obtained her BA (Political Science and History) and MA (Political Science) degrees at Tel-Aviv University and her Ph.D. (in the field of Japanese Politics; 2004) at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She carried out her Ph.D. research in Japan focusing on this country’s politics under its American occupation. She is interested mostly in Japan’s postwar democratization and militarization, as well as recent developments. She studies too Israeli politics and especially the leading right wing Likud Party. Recently she is comparing Israeli and Japanese politics. Dr. Ben-Rafael Galanti was a Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences (SHAKEN) at Tokyo University (2001) supported by the Ganor Foundation and a Visiting Scholar at the Graduate School for Political Science at Waseda University (2005), supported by the Japan Foundation.

Among other writings, Dr. Ben-Rafael Galanti published the following: Judicial Review in Japan – a Limited Mechanism or an Agent of Democratization”, Politics, Culture and Socialization, 2010, vol.1, pp.5-19;  The Memory of the Second World War and the Essence of ‘New Japan’: the Parliamentary Debate over Japan's Democratic Constitution”, in G. Podoler, War and Militarism in Modern Japan: New Aspects, Global Oriental, 2009; “The Emperor in New Japan: The Parliamentary Debate”, in B. Shillony, Handbook of the Emperors of Modern Japan, Brill, 2008; “The “Miraculous Likud” and the “Polish formula”", in, M. Msztal and P. Troyanski, Poles and Jews: History, Culture, Education, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego Krakow UP, 2011; and  “From the Margins to a Continues Governing Position: The Miracle of the Israeli Rightist Likud Elite” in WPSR (Berkeley electronic Journals), vol. 4.1, 2008.


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